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Inclusive Health Fundamentals

    A flexible core curriculum that can be used by organizations working in IDD health, integrated into academic credit-bearing courses, or incorporated into a service learning project.

    The Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing, in collaboration
    with Special Olympics International (SOI) and a range of Subject Matter Experts
    (SMEs) developed an online Inclusive Health Fundamentals (formerly Interprofessional Competency-Based Intellectual Developmental Disability Core Curriculum) program for the IDD workforce to increase their competence and confidence in caring for people with IDD.

    Scientific evidence and the lived experience of people with IDD reveal a gap in health care professionals’ knowledge, competence, and confidence across allied healthcare, nursing, and medicine. There is an urgent need to prioritize the preparation of these health care professionals and other audiences with the knowledge, skills, and competencies they require to meet the needs of this population. The ICC-IDD program was developed to foster health equity and promote inclusion and quality of life for persons with IDD.

    Special Olympics Health Interprofessional Education with text describing the content underneath. A red button reads Start Now. A picture is to the right of the text, and shows a person from Special Olympics performing a hearing test on a Special Olympics athlete.

    The SMEs developed five high-impact online modules for the pilot phase of this project. These modules were delivered to a range of students in higher education universities and colleges across the United States and Ireland. This report describes the experiences of the key stakeholders in developing and implementing the program. It also reports on the key findings of the participants who undertook the modules on the

    Findings demonstrate that this program was positively received by participants with
    increases in personal knowledge of IDD, overall confidence in communicating with
    people with IDD and behavioral intentions towards people with IDD. Student feedback
    suggested more interactivity within modules, increased representation, and inclusion of
    people with IDD.

    A still from a YouTube video, “SOI Health Fundamentals.”